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    I am quite familiar with the Devils Path, having hiked most of it, but I haven't hiked there recently.

    I believe I know where the steel rungs were installed, having hiked from Twin summit into Pecoy Notch several times. In one spot, there was a narrow ledge with quite steep dropoff on one side where I had to grab onto a small tree to stabilize myself while carrying a heavy pack. There were also several other places on the trail coming down the west side of Twin where I can see that steel rungs would be useful.

    So, I'm wondering whether the vandalism of the rungs installed earlier this year was an act of pure vandalism - kids getting drunk, etc, or whether it was done by someone with a different view of what the experience of hiking the Devils Path should be. In other words, someone who detested the installation of the rungs as a method for less experienced hikers to hike the trail safely.

    I have no real opinion one way or another. While I consider myself an experienced hiker, and have never had a problem anywhere in the Cats, Daks, or even the Whites (NH) without the addition of climbing aids like rungs, I can also appreciate their usefulness, especially when carrying a heavy pack and/or when trail conditions are not optimal.


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    Looking for hikers to join me on weekdays or weekends. Looking to do day hikes, 3-8 miles, easy-moderate, moderate, moderate-strenuous. I usually hike in Harriman, Bear Mountain, Hudson Highlands state parks. Always interested in checking out new trails, open to any and all suggestions. Dave
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    At the intersection of the R-D and the 1777e trails there are several tree branches blocking the 1777e trail. In addition, many of the trail markers on the R-D from the Cornell Mine Trail to the 1777e intersection are worn away or hard to read. The new plastic markers should replace those painted markers.
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    Running the trail from GWB to park HQ today, found many areas overgrown with high grass & weeds. Several low hanging branches to avoid.
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    I was passing by Fingerboard last evening, and turned around to see a large bear watching me, way too close for my liking. As I started to slowly move away, the bear began to follow me, so I stopped, armed my bear spray, and spoke loudly to it, then started to move away. Thankfully the bear did not follow, but this bear had absolutely no fear of me whatsoever. I do not know if this is the same bear that Patrick mentioned a couple posts below, but if it is, this is a long time that this bear has been causing problems at Fingerboard. If it is a different bear, then there is a new problem, and hikers/campers need to be warned.
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    Hi Everyone. I wish the was a search function on the forum to see if this has been asked. Has anyone Hiked from Ramapo Reservation to Skylands Manor and have route to share? Reverse is good too. How was it etc? Thanks a bunch. Tom
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    I'm looking for full season cross country ski rental in NJ. I have no issue with mail order but prefer local to North Jersey. Will consider any suggestion. Thanks I need two pairs for adults
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    Two spots where trees are down on the Doodletown Bridle Path. One is right at the intersection with 1777W trail (had to be climbed over), the other is about halfway to Fawn Trail which can be climbed under without pack on. Doodletown road heading out of town towards 1777W and Doodletown Bridle Path intersection (towards June Homestead) is significantly overgrown (almost zero forward visibility) and there is a downed tree that must be climbed over.
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    Hello everyone. I had an overnight planned near Slide Mountain this weekend, but now I'm not sure based on the weather. Should I cancel? Would you? Thanks
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    I ran the LP from the GWB to Park HQ this morning. There are numerous (at least 3) blowdowns and then there is one really nasty little branch sticking out into the path at about eye level. I believe this was south of Rockefeller Lookout, but not sure. The blowdowns will need large saws, but this eye hazard won't need much more than a hacksaw to clear of the path. I till try to get a better location in the next couple of days.