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I am quite familiar with the Devils Path, having hiked most of it, but I haven't hiked there recently.

I believe I know where the steel rungs were installed, having hiked from Twin summit into Pecoy Notch several times. In one spot, there was a narrow ledge with quite steep dropoff on one side where I had to grab onto a small tree to stabilize myself while carrying a heavy pack. There were also several other places on the trail coming down the west side of Twin where I can see that steel rungs would be useful.

So, I'm wondering whether the vandalism of the rungs installed earlier this year was an act of pure vandalism - kids getting drunk, etc, or whether it was done by someone with a different view of what the experience of hiking the Devils Path should be. In other words, someone who detested the installation of the rungs as a method for less experienced hikers to hike the trail safely.

I have no real opinion one way or another. While I consider myself an experienced hiker, and have never had a problem anywhere in the Cats, Daks, or even the Whites (NH) without the addition of climbing aids like rungs, I can also appreciate their usefulness, especially when carrying a heavy pack and/or when trail conditions are not optimal.


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At the intersection of the R-D and the 1777e trails there are several tree branches blocking the 1777e trail. In addition, many of the trail markers on the R-D from the Cornell Mine Trail to the 1777e intersection are worn away or hard to read. The new plastic markers should replace those painted markers.
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Running the trail from GWB to park HQ today, found many areas overgrown with high grass & weeds. Several low hanging branches to avoid.
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Two spots where trees are down on the Doodletown Bridle Path. One is right at the intersection with 1777W trail (had to be climbed over), the other is about halfway to Fawn Trail which can be climbed under without pack on. Doodletown road heading out of town towards 1777W and Doodletown Bridle Path intersection (towards June Homestead) is significantly overgrown (almost zero forward visibility) and there is a downed tree that must be climbed over.
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Hello everyone. I had an overnight planned near Slide Mountain this weekend, but now I'm not sure based on the weather. Should I cancel? Would you? Thanks
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I ran the LP from the GWB to Park HQ this morning. There are numerous (at least 3) blowdowns and then there is one really nasty little branch sticking out into the path at about eye level. I believe this was south of Rockefeller Lookout, but not sure. The blowdowns will need large saws, but this eye hazard won't need much more than a hacksaw to clear of the path. I till try to get a better location in the next couple of days.
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Anyone have any current info (I'll probably have to ask again after "this week's nor'easter") on trail conditions in Harriman; snow, snow pack, snow melt, ice? I'm planning a scout backpacking trip for next weekend. Thanks.
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Hi Folks, It's my understanding fracking is occurring or may be in planning stages for many NY state locations. It's also my understanding that some of the current or planned fracking sites may interact with both DEC managed park and other lands. I searched for more information on this, where I hoped to find GPS coordinates (or a map) of these sites, however found little information. I thought I would at least find a map for the NYS parks, however again found little information. The only information I found shows a vague map of shale deposits towards the Western park of New York. This map actually contradicted other information I observed about these sites being in parts of the Catskills and Adirondacks, which are further North. For the sake of understanding this better, does anyone have knowledge of these sites or guidance on where the information exists? I would expect at least the NYNJ trail conference to actively be promoting such accurate maps to inform the public. Thanks so much, Nick
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Hello, I've seen conflicting reports online about whether Breakneck Ridge is open for hikers coming from the Metro-North station. Some websites seem to indicate that it closed down on January 1 and that the train is no longer stopping there; however, others have said that they have hiked the trail in January, and I've been on several Metro-North trains that have stopped at the station. Is the trail still accessible to those of us coming off the train, and if so when is it projected to close down and re-open?
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This project has not yet started, so trailheads are open and the Metro-North stops are open as usual.  The latest update is that the project will begin in Spring 2018, assuming construction bids meet the project's requirements and one is selected.

You can keep up on the latest updates at, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for periodic updates.

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I recently bought a pulk on Craigslist and I wanted to break it out this weekend. Can anyone advise if there is any snow on the cross-country trail at Lake Sebago? Thank you.
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Is there snow cover on the ground currently? Snow shoes or microspikes?
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I crossed the park from Suffern to Stony Point on Sunday, and back again to Sloatsburg on Monday, and there's practically no snow on the ground anywhere. Only occasionally did I encounter icy spots on trails, and they were mostly on the unmarked dirt roads like Woodtown and Torne Valley Roads. That could change tonight, however.
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Hi, Jamison. I don't have an answer for you but have the same question, for the area around Reeves Meadow in Sloatsburg. Snow is expected this Tuesday through Wednesday so any conditions will be worsened, in any case. I may just drive up on Friday and check for myself. I worry about the lots to park, as well. Don't want to get stuck.
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Anyone know if the lakes are frozen and walkable? snow cover on the ground? I travel from Long Island so my conditions here are different.
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Got back from Harriman, Suffern to Stony Point and back across the park to Sloatsburg last night, there's virtually no snow on the ground. I passed by Pine Meadow Lake, Winoksink, two of the reservoirs, and Sebago, and the ice looked crummy but four people were ice fishing on Sebago. I'm not guaranteeing or endorsing going on the ice on any of the lakes, but this is what I saw.
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I won't be up there til a week from now, and probably won't be able to tell you much about the lakes walkability. I did find this on nys parks website, ice fishing conditions reports, don't know if the # are current but give em' a try if you want.....Tiorati Beach 845-429-8257 Lake Welch Beach 845-947-2444 Bear Mountain 845-786-2701 I'l post about snow pack on trails when I get back, going up there slackpacking the 7th to the 11th. Across the park and back and probably from Bear Mtn back to Stony Point and some other woodsy wanderings.
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Hi, anybody know how much snow has accumulated on the trails so far this year? Planning a slack-packing trip soon, want to be ready for whatever's up there. Thanks !! (I'll post a report on what I encountered when I get back).
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As seen in my replies to others, at this time there is virtually no snow on the ground in Harriman, at least on the trails I was on between Suffern, Stony Point, and Sloatsburg.
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I hiked the LP from Arden Valley Road to the intersection with the ASB today, 11/21/17. In the mile between meeting the AT and meeting the ASB, there were two major trees across the trail. They will need chainsaws.