Long Path Guide (softcopy)

Long Path Guide

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Front matter

Hudson Palisades

The Hudson Highlands

Orange County and the Shawangunks

Southern Catskills

Central Catskills

Northern Catskills

Capital District

35. East Berne to John Boyd Thacher State Park  Current end for the "end-to-end" certificate.

North of the Mohawk River

Shawangunk Ridge Trail

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OmarMorales's picture

Hello, No idea who's idea it was to put the LPG online but he/she should get a medal! More of these fully realized books should be treated the same way, sure you'll lose some money, but...you'll save some trees!
RomeoFrom97's picture

Just to note to other pilgrims ... I am "seasoned" long distance backpacker though I have not gone long distance in a while. Been hiking the Long Path since it's beginning--> In spite of that, situations can still get out of control! I reached the ridge top around 4:30 mid week before the rain, though found myself in the downpour at the beginning of my descent. The rain caused everything to drape over the trail making visibility of the next blaze and the path itself very hard to find... All this situation needed was a wrong turn, which is what I did...onto the Jessup / Highlands Trail rather than The Long Path back to the road... 7pm soon came and I was without food/shelter and my cell phone battery had 20% left... The ridge descent requires respect! Especially in wet conditions. With little and in my case no light aside from my mini mag...I came down Between 8-9pm. Most imporatnt reminder to me was don't allow your thoughts to become crazy. Slow down...break...and think clear. Peace all~