Free Trail Maps

These free trail maps are available for download or printing, and many are also available as free app maps using the Avenza Maps app. Most maps are provided by the Trail Conference, but some are provided by other organizations.

Map Title State Park Date
Camp Smith Trail Map NY Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve 01/01/2002
Teatown-Kitchawan Trail Map NY Teatown Lake Reservation 10/06/2010
Mountainside Park (NJ) Map NJ Mountainside Park 09/27/2011
Appalachian Trail Map - Dutchess & Putnam NY Appalachian National Scenic Trail 04/05/2012
Catskill Fire Towers Maps (5 Maps) NY Catskill Park 05/05/2014
Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve Map NJ G. Thomas Donch Nature Preserve 04/22/2015
Huckleberry Ridge State Forest Map NY Huckleberry Ridge State Forest 08/06/2015
Hopatcong State Park Map NJ 09/22/2015
Stephens State Park Map NJ Stephens State Park 09/22/2015
Allamuchy Mountain State Park Map NJ Allamuchy Mountain State Park 09/22/2015
Wawayanda State Park Map NJ Wawayanda State Park 09/22/2015
Ringwood State Park Map NJ Ringwood State Park 09/22/2015
Swartswood State Park Map NJ Swartswood State Park 09/22/2015
Jenny Jump State Forest Map NJ Jenny Jump State Forest 01/01/2016
Shawangunk Ridge Trail (SRT) Maps NY 05/13/2016
Abram S. Hewitt State Forest Map NJ Abram S. Hewitt State Forest 09/22/2016
Campgaw Mountain Reservation Map NJ Campgaw Mountain County Reservation 02/10/2017
Appalachian Trail Map - Pochuck Boardwalk NJ Appalachian National Scenic Trail 03/02/2017
NJ State Park Maps NJ 04/26/2017
Norvin Green State Forest Map NJ Norvin Green State Forest 04/26/2017
Stokes State Forest Map NJ Stokes State Forest 04/26/2017
High Point State Park Map NJ High Point State Park 04/26/2017
Worthington State Forest Map NJ Worthington State Forest 04/26/2017
Long Pond Ironworks State Park Map NJ Long Pond Ironworks State Park 04/26/2017
High Mountain Park Preserve Map NJ High Mountain Preserve 04/17/2018