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NJ State Parks Maps provided by the Trail Conference


The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, in partnership with the New Jersey State Park Service, has completed a project to produce maps for 15 state parks and forests in northern New Jersey. The new maps are intended to be accurate, detailed, and user-friendly, and the Trail Conference has drawn upon its long history of producing high-quality trail maps to provide these maps to park visitors and hopefully encourage more people to explore the miles of trails that traverse these great state parks in New Jersey. Furthermore, we hope these new maps will bring more awareness to the efforts of the Trail Conference and our outstanding volunteers who help keep the trails open and safe for everyone to enjoy.

Print copies of these maps are available at most park offices. The maps can also be obtained in digital format, both as a regular PDF and a GPS-enhanced app map, using the links below.

If you like these free maps, please show your support for the trails by making a donation, becoming a volunteer, or joining as a member of the Trail Conference. You can also show your support by purchasing our full-featured maps that include contour lines and are available in print format on waterproof & tear-resistant Tyvek. Some of our popular New Jersey maps are:

The available park maps include the following (downloadable PDFs and links to digital app maps can be found on each page):


Remember: Batteries die. So even if you download an app map, be sure to have a print map on hand. Grab a printed map from a park office, print out the PDF, or, where available, get our published Tyvek maps that are light-weight AND printed on waterproof, tear-resistant Tyvek. Visit our online store for all your print map needs!


Trail Conference Printed Maps

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