Woodlands Legacy Field Park

Woodlands Legacy Field Park

Man-made pond Photo: Jane Daniels Man-made pond Photo: Jane Daniels
41.309842, -73.820038

Let me count the ways describes not only the number of entrances to Woodlands Legacy Fields Park, but the ways local residents enjoy it.

Wedged between two sections of Strang Boulevard, the park seems to have a split personality. For years the undeveloped open space known as Woodlands was used by nearby residents comfortable in walking along unmarked trails. When you enter from Strang Boulevard off Route 132, the playing fields are the dominant feature. But concealed behind the kiosk at the end of the parking lot are alluring...

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157.50 acres



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December 12, 2016
Trail Access
From the maintainer: The best access is from the south side at Barberry and Strang Blvd. At that intersection head north half a block on Strang -- not shown on some GPS systems. Other access points are from the Manor trail off Manor Street just north off Salem Road and from the Taconic Woods trail at the end of Taconic Woods Road. As noted in other comments the parking area at Woodlands Legacy Park is closed except when the ball fields are in use.
March 06, 2012
no access to trail
there is no access to the trail most of the time at woodlands legacy field . when there is a ball game the parking is probably full.
December 26, 2011
Winter Walks in Woodlands Legacy
The cold and frost brings its own distinct beauty to these trails. The ground frost seems to have crystalized into striated rope-like crystals with almost a clear asbestose look. This week we spotted a salamander (red spotted newt in the land based eft stage). We saw it on a rock though it quickly moved to the leaves below where it might have been impossible to spot. The clouds and grey sky bring a dsitinctive and beautiful lighting as you peer through the branch structures. Each season has brought a new vision of these trails. I'm waiting for the ice and snow to get out there with the crampons and snoeshows.
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