Teaneck Creek Park: Partial Closure for Restoration

March 15, 2021

Press release from Bergen County Parks Department and Teaneck Creek Conservancy.

A large-scale habitat restoration project is in progress at Teaneck Creek Park. The $5.6 million project will enhance the site’s natural resources; increase biodiversity with native grasses, shrubs, and trees; improve stormwater management with natural infrastructure, and improve park access by repairing and replacing footbridges and addressing deficient trails that are inaccessible due to washouts.

Park availability will be limited to the Fycke Lane entrance of the park. Trail closures will be necessary during the project. Work is expected to continue through fall 2021, although crews will continue to manage the newly planted vegetation and control invasive species after construction completion.

Patrons can only access the park at the Fycke Lane Entrance to the Arbor Terrace Bridge. There is no access to the green or blue trails.

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