New Long Path RTC Supports Trail’s Management

September 25, 2020
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


New Long Path RTC Supports Trail’s Management
Long Path Blaze. Photo by Heather Darley.


In July, the Board approved the creation of the Trail Conference’s sixth Regional Trails Council (RTC), the Long Path RTC. Andy Garrison and Kevin McGuinness—both Long Path Local Trails Committee Chairs—proposed the idea, which was supported by the staff. Andy Garrison is now the RTC Chair. 

The Long Path has a life unto itself. Managing the Long Path as a whole, instead of in pieces, will ensure that the trail not only survives but thrives. For numerous reasons—and particularly because the Long Path is not fully on protected land—the trail requires unique management that differentiates it from most other trails in the West Hudson and Catskills RTC. It also has a larger focus on conservation (land acquisition and negotiating with landowners), advocacy, and the creation of a thru-hiker experience. 

Having a dedicated Long Path RTC will allow the committee to bring in the relevant NJ Palisades, Catskill, and land conservation partners to discuss strategies and updates specific to the Long Path. Additionally, the recent staff restructure ensures we have adequate capacity to support this new RTC.  The new Trail Program Manager position (served by Peter Dolan) was developed so that we can better address the complexities of interstate and interregional trail management. Additionally, Peter has already been the main Long Path staff liaison in his new role. 

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