Hudson Nor’Westers Complete Black Rock Forest Reroute

February 12, 2020
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Hudson Nor’Westers Complete Black Rock Forest Reroute


The Hudson Nor’Westers, under the leadership of Crew Chief Dave Webber, just completed a wonderful project in Black Rock Forest: a reroute of the Scenic/Highlands Trail up and over the Mineral Springs Waterfall.

In June 2019, Dave and four of the Trail Conference’s Trail Stewards did a reroute of the trail to swing over to the picturesque falls and then follow along the edge of the cliff before rejoining the old trail. At that time, the crew realized that a steep section of the old trail where it joined the relocation needed work to keep it from eroding. Stone steps to the rescue.

The Stats

  • Work Trips: 9
  • Workers: 17
  • Hours: 365
  • Steps: 18
  • Wall Built: 5 square feet
  • Additional Trail Improved: 11 feet
  • Rocks Moved: Lots!

In the fall of 2019, over the course of nine work trips, the crew built a beautiful, 18-step stone staircase to create a safe experience for visitors on a sustainable trail built to last for decades.

Additional thanks to IBM, which awarded the Trail Conference a $2,000 grant in recognition of Dave’s volunteer service. Thanks for all you do, Dave!