Maps for the Long Path


The entire Long Path is shown at the following link: Long Path.
The Long Path Guide has maps of the entire trail but due to the many relocations since the book was last published some of the printed section descriptions are not current. Parts of the Long Path are on many of the Trail Conference's main map sets. From South to North it is on the following maps:

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Greetings: I hiked the Long Path starting in NYC on June 6, 20187 and backpacked through to Middleburgh, NY on June 28, 2018. I then finished the route into Thatcher Park from Middleburgh to John Boyd from October 9 to October 11, 2018. I have been very busy but hope to get to route suggestions off to you. In some areas the blazes just disappear.
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Hi, Congrats on completing your LT thru-hike! What did you use for navigation and knowledge about upcoming water sources?