Catskill's Graham + Doubletop No Longer Accessible to the Public

January 13, 2021

From the Catskill Center:

Doubletop and Graham Mountains are located on private property and for many years, the public was granted the unique opportunity to experience these wilderness high peaks thanks to the generosity of the private landowner. Recently with the increasing number of visitors and the resulting negative natural resource impacts, the landowner has decided to close the mountains and their property to the public.

Moving forward, the public will no longer be able to access Doubletop and Graham Mountains.

For those hikers looking to complete the Catskill 3500 Challenge, the Catskill 3500 Club has updated their list of peaks for membership.

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From the Catskill 3500 Club:

The canister has been removed from Doubletop. Please continue to use South Doubletop and Millbrook Ridge as replacements until the Catskill 3500 Club board meeting at the end of January when new permanent mountains for the list will be finalized. If a tally list is submitted with Doubletop or Graham after Jan. 13, 2020, the 3500 Club will not count it and will know that it was an illegal climb. Final decisions will be announced after the Jan. 31 meeting.

Note: You must ONLY access South Doubletop from state land, regardless of whether you are local or not. The landowners will prosecute anyone who trespasses so use this as an opportunity to learn a real bushwhack and challenge yourself. That really is what the list is about!

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