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The Shawangunk Ridge Trail begins at High Point State Park in New Jersey and runs 71 miles northward along the dramatic Shawangunk Ridge to Mohonk Preserve.


71 miles of the Shawangunk Ridge Trail are maintained by volunteers and member groups.

Free, downloadable maps, of the southern gunks. See ad at right and links below.

A trail description of the southern half of the The Shawangunk Ridge Trail can be found in The Long Path Guide.

The northern half of the The Shawangunk Ridge Trail is shown on the Shawangunks map set.


Shawangunk Ridge Trail Overview Map


Shawangunk Ridge Trail, 2013

The Shawangunk Ridge Trail

The Shawangunk Ridge Trail (SRT - blue blazes) starts at the Appalachian Trail in High Point State Park in New Jersey and heads north along the southern Shawangunks, then northeast through Sam's Point Preserve, Minnewaska State Park and the Mohonk Preserve in New York. It generally follows the spectacular Shawangunk Ridge, occasionally using local roads and abandoned rail beds.

In about 12 miles the Shawangunk Ridge Trail joins the Long Path in the town of Greenville, and it is co-aligned with the LP for the next 34 miles. After crossing Route 211 and going over Gobblers Knob, the trail descends to the Basha Kill Wildlife Management Area. The Basha Kill is an extensive wetland offering many opportunities for bird watching and other wildlife viewing. North of the Basha Kill, the SRT passes through the Village of Wurtsboro and then ascends the Wurtsboro Ridge.

The next 10 miles along the ridgetop are among the most spectacular in New York State with the open views of the Catskills looming in the distance, and views all the way back to High Point. Once the trail crosses Route 52, it ascends to Sam's Point Preserve and continues to Verkeerder Kill Falls, Minnewaska State Park and the Mohonk Preserve on its way north and east. The Long Path leaves the SRT in Minnewaska, and the SRT is then co-aligned with existing trails through Minnewaska and Mohonk. The trail is currently blazed to Mountain Rest Road near the main entrance to Mohonk Mountain House, from where one can follow local roads to the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail and the Rosendale Trestle.

The SRT was initiated by the Trail Conference in 1989 and continues to be a work in progress. The Trail Conference and its partners work to protect a ridge-length trail corridor and connect the trail to other trails along the way.


Free, Downloadable Maps!

The Trail Conference is pleased to offer hikers free maps of the SRT via download to your computer.  These maps have been fully revised to reflect many minor and some major changes.  Four separate maps cover the current existing trail; each prints on an 8.5 x11-inch page. These maps complement the detailed description of the southern SRT found in The Long Path Guide.

**  Map 1 (southern end) - High Point to Graham Fire Tower
**  Map 2 - Graham Fire Tower to Wurtsboro
**  Map 3 - Wurtsboro to Minnewaska
**  Map 4 (northern end) - Minnewaska to Mohonk



The SRT also serves as an alternative route on the Long Path for the hiker who wishes to avoid the lowlands of Orange County. Upon reaching the intersection with the Appalachian Trail in Harriman Park, the hiker follows the AT south to High Point State Park in New Jersey, then goes north on the SRT to meet the Long Path in Greenville.


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jwrushman's picture

Is there an "official" northern terminus to the SRT? On NYNJTC Shawangunk Trails map 105, the trail seems to end at the Spring Farm Trail Head. Shawangunk Ridge Trail Map 4 show highlighting to the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. Another description discusses following local roads to the Rosendale Trestle.
stephensheffer's picture

Hello! What’s the word on camping along the SRT in the northern section? I know camping isn’t allowed in Minnewoska and Mohonk but has anyone done it? Another commenter mentioned sites on the trail. Are people using them? Is it a blind-eye-turned scenario or something NOT to be even CONSIDERED? Thanks!
agonzale08's picture

Does anyone have a recommendation if you should start this thru hike at the North end or the South end? I am not sure I saw anything to look forward to if you end at the North end. At least in the South end you can finish at Sam's Point which can be more symbolic/satisfying when you see the needle. Does the North end have a sign or plaque showing you completed the SRT? Thanks so much guys!
polarican's picture

I'm also interested in the response to the question on the camping suggests posted by Arcenis?
stephensheffer's picture

Figure this out?
tahmdee's picture

See my reply below.
arcenis.rojas's picture

Hi all, I'm planning to do a thru-hike of the SRT at the end of May and have found it pretty easy to plan all the way up to the Sam's Point Visitor Center, particularly with respect to camping, since most of the hike upto this point happens along NYS DEC land and is well described in the Long Path hiking guide. However, past the Sam's Point Visitor Center it looks like there's a small parcel of Open Space Conservancy land along the Verkeerder Falls Trail a couple of miles past the Visitor's Center and then nothing at all after that. I might be able to work out a better plan with distances, but they're not very well marked on the map. If I'm not mistaken it's against regulations to camp on Minnewaska State Park and Mohonk Preserve land, is that correct? Does anyone know of any places along these portions of the SRT where one can legally camp or know of a resource that has distance measurments for the SRT?   I'm grateful for any suggestions, Arcenis
stephensheffer's picture

Hi Arcenis! How did it go? What did u discover?
tahmdee's picture

Yep, there is no legal camping in Minnewaska or Mohonk aside from the Witches Hole DEC land by Sam's Point, which is substantially of course. The trail up the High Point Ridge is and down Berrypickers is fun though, so I wouldn't complain about that. The High Point "Road" is pretty boring but more direct. There are plenty of spots that you can get away with camping. I have seen many old campsites out there. If you go into the woods a little bit by Jenny Lane you are unlikely to be bothered unless its hunting season and can probably find an acceptable site. You can also camp legally at the Sameul F Pryor campground by the Vistor Center at Mohonk. It's only a couple/few miles off trail from the Clove Valley Road crossing. Stay on the SRT until you get to Shongum Path a short bit after Clove Valley Rd and take that path (marked red I think) which will connect to Undercliff Carriage Road. Follow that until you hit the East Trapps Connector trail on your right (easy to miss, but there is a small sign I think), which is a very long stone staircase that follows down to the visitor center. Easy to get to the campground from there.    Note that the Shawangunk Multiple Use Area is NO LONGER allowing camping as up spring 2016.    Use Strava's Route Builder tool to calculate distances for these trails. It's free.
Riki-Dian's picture

We're planning a 4-day backpack end-to-end of the SRT.  We'll probably be doing about 15 to 20 miles per day.  Our planned timeframe will be this Spring:   March-April, 2016.   We will be heading north from High Point, NJ to the Mohonk Preserve trail end near New Paltz, NY.  We will need to plan this out with anybody interested in hiking this trail with us.  For example, we need to plan car parking and other logistics. If you're interested in this backpacking trip, please call Rick & Diann at our phone number 607-217-5775.
walkwoman's picture

Is it possible to intersect somewhere w/the D&H Canal Towpath to make a loop hike?  I'd probably start in Wurtsboro area. I know the old RR bed can be used for this, but from what I've read, the RR bed isn't in the best of shape and full of rubbish.  Coming back along the D&H seems like it'd be a lot more scenic and in better shape.  TIA
jakobfranke's picture

  Currently you would have to follow one of the old woods roads that cross the ridge. There are three of those between Wurtsboro and Ferguson Road, but they are not maintained. They do link the LP/SRT with the RR bed, which is not pristine but is not that bad. It is possible to cross from the RR bed to the towpath at a few locations, but this would involve some minor bushwhacking. The draft Unit Management Plan (UMP; see ) has new trails in it that will allow loop hikes. Another loop hike is possible at the southern end of the Bashakill, by utilizing Haven Road and Otisville Road, but this hike does of course not include any ridge walking. Jakob
morgankg1's picture

What is the northern end of the SRT now?  I thought I saw an SRT marker on the old LP in Minnewaska Park heading towards Jenny Lane  on Route 44/55.
jakobfranke's picture

You saw that right. The SRT now extends all the way to the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail and is co-aligned with existing trails through Minnewaska S.P. and Mohonk Preserve, as shown on our new (2013) Shawangunks map set. It is currently blazed to Mountain Rest Road, not far from the main entrance of Mohonk Mountain House. From there it is a few miles on local roads (Mountain Rest, Canaan, and Dug) to the WVRT. Jakob
lehtech's picture

For any one that's planning on hiking the trail.  I am a light packer so I take as little water as possible and look for water sources.  I use the Steripen.  Saturday, August 11 I hiked from High Point NJ to RT 6 and slept on Dec land.  Just to let everyone know all the streams that are shown on the map on that stretch are dried out.'s picture

  This is the  UCAT or the Ulster County Area Trasit. Phone:  854-334-8458. This route goes down Route 209.  Kingston to SUNY Ulster is the U Route.  SUNY ULSTER to Ellenv ille is the E Route.   This is Monday to Friday.   Kingston              SUNY Ulster       Stone Ridge        Ellenville(Liberity Square)   6:35                        6:55                        6:57                       7:30   7:45                        8:05                        8:32                       9:10 11:30                      11:50                     12:02 PM               12:40 PM   1:00 PM                   1:20 PM                  1:45 PM                2:15 PM   2:20 PM                   2:40 PM                  2:45 PM                3:25 PM   3:30 PM                    3:50 PM                 4:10  PM               4:50 PM
fullcirc's picture

I plan on parking at Sams Point and looking for a shuttle to LP trail head on the SRT ridge near wurtsboro on Sun May 6 around 9am if anyone interested in helping me or hiking with me.  I'll of course provide the shuttle back to the trail head car at the end of the day. FYI - I've been sectionally thru-hiking the LP in day hikes and you can read about my progress and hikes: A recommendation of a taxi service in the area will also be helpful in case no one is available to shuttle with me. Thanks John
srtmaintainer's picture

John,   Sorry I did not catch this post prior to this. If you need help on your next hike email me at   Andy Garrison
JROGG's picture

Excellent! I'm not 100% sure I can make it Sunday but will certainly join you for future treks. Currently I'm up to the 1/2 way point at the Trempor Mtn fire tower near Phonecia. Would definetly rehike up to that point with fellow LP'ers. I've been keeping my eye out for others to continue the Path with. I'm in New Milford, so can certainly help with the travel.  Hope to here further,                 Thanks, Jeff
LindaC's picture

Thinking of doing this section from Wurtsboro to Sam's Point this weekend.  How are conditions?  Crampons required or snowshoes?