Skyline Preserve

Skyline Preserve

View in Skyline Preserve - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff View in Skyline Preserve - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff
41.035656, -74.373124

This 100-acre preserve, located in the mountainous heart of the New Jersey Highlands, has a scenic lake and views of the New York City skyline

Skyline Preserve

Protected in 2006, the Skyline Preserve is a link in the greenway between Norvin Green State Forest to the east and protected Newark Watershed lands to the west, including the close by Apshawa Preserve.  Its rugged terrain offers a diversity of Highlands habitats, including mixed...

Park Acreage:

100.00 acres


West Milford

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New Jersey Conservation Foundation


(908) 234-1225



Dogs in park:

Not available

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March 26, 2017
Skyline Preserve Trai

Trail is currently not maintained.  Much tagging is gone and difficult to find your way, as well as multiple blowdowns across the trail. 

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