Mills-Norrie State Park

Mills-Norrie State Park

Trail along the Hudson River - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff Trail along the Hudson River - Photo credit: Daniela Wagstaff
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This parkland combines both Ogden and Ruth Livingston Mills State Park and Margaret Lewis Norrie State Park. The two host so many activities there is likely to be something to interest anyone.

Besides a multi-use trail system, Mills-Norrie State Park maintains a golf course, a marina on the Hudson, picnic areas, camping and cabins, and an environmental center. Included within the park is the Staatsburg State Historic Site, a Beaux-Arts era Stanford White-designed mansion with views across the...

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1000.00 acres



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New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation


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June 01, 2018
Mills and Norrie

These two are my favorite parks in the area for a number of reasons. Since they are both connected many trails are connected and continue from one to the other.

Without a doubt the most popular trail is the River Trail. It was closed off and sketchy for awhile, but recent updates have returned this trail to its former glory. There are a number of beaches with perfect stones to skip on the river, overlooks and cliffs where you can watch the wakes from barges crash into the shore, beautiful trees and stone walls, and the occasional bald eagle sighting (which have been more and more frequent in the last year). While it appears to end at the gazebo, there is a continuation on the trail on the Norrie side of the park that leads to more stone beaches and some overlooks of Esopus Island. This brings you all the way to the Norrie campground.

The trails that wind through the woods are also amazing. The trail is gravel in most places, but leads you to old barns and the Hoyt House, a historic house in the woods that is being restored. There are four or five different structures in the woods along this trail, and others that are hidden from view.

If you explore the side trails and other routes there are many places that most have not seen. Deep in the woods is a cemetery that dates back to the 1700's. It is not listed on the maps, but there is a trail that leads right to it.

Finally, the park owns Esopus Island, which you need a boat to get to. If you get a chance to kayak out to the island you can explore the shores and forest on the island, and in the Spring see a number of goose nests. The island also has a strange history. There was a man who lived on the island for forty days and nights. I don't know all of the details but it is pretty kooky. One of the longer trails in the park (The Hyde Park trail) has an overlook to the island with a plaque about the islands history.

Finally there are the main features of each site, the Historic Mills Mansion, and the environmental center at Norrie. Tours are given at Mills almost everyday and they also have many special events. The environmental center has an amazing waterfront section with a beautiful view out towards the Hudson where many people fish.

These parks have some of the more interesting hikes in the Hudson Valley and you get a great view without any steep climbs.

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