Catskills -- Central

Catskills -- Central

View from the Balsam Lake Fire Tower, Central Catskills Region - Photo by Daniel Chazin View from the Balsam Lake Fire Tower, Central Catskills Region - Photo by Daniel Chazin
42.070488, -74.573577

Includes a short hike from the south to Panther Mountain -- one of the Catskill 3500  Club’s “must climb” peaks -- with great views along the way at Giant Ledge.  [TC Catskill Trail Map 142]

Central Catskills Region

Most of the peaks in the Central Catskills are not as high as those in the Northeastern area of the region. Nevertheless, the lands in Ulster County's western corner and nearby Delaware County and northern Sullivan County offer many hiking opportunities.  Several of the major peaks have superb views; this table lists them in order of elevation.  A fuller...

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August 19, 2015
Alder Creek Rd parking Trail 'Y' to Balsam Lake Mtn
We parked at Alder Lake then Hiked The Mill Brook Ridge Trail to The Balsam Lake FireTower in Hardenburg, NY. Sorry for the confusion, but I did post my comment on the Catskill Trail page. 
August 19, 2015
What trail are you talking about?
You refer to a hike from Arden Brook to the fire tower, but Arden Brook is in Harriman, not in the Catskills, and there is no fire tower on Balsam Mountain.  Moreover, the trails up Balsam Mountain are heavily used and not overgrown.  You must be talking about some other hike, not the one described here.
Daniel Chazin
August 17, 2015
Help where are the Volunteers
Just a note for those trail maintainers. We hiked from Arden Brook to the FireTower on Saturday 8.15.15. The trail was well marked with trail markers nailed into trees. The actual trails were almost totally overgrown. As if we were the first Hikers to have been there  in a couple of years. Please help, the trail was unnavigable except for the Advanced Hiker
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