Budd Lake Bog

Budd Lake Bog

Budd Lake - Photo by Daniel Chazin Budd Lake - Photo by Daniel Chazin
40.871069, -74.75842

An unusual black spruce bog lying on the terminal moraine of glaciers from the last ice age.

This wetland comprises two discontinuous parcels surrounding Budd Lake Wildlife Management Area. It is a floating mass of plants, roots and moss all held together in a sponge-like substrate. Unique plants including black spruce, tamarack, azalea sphagnum moss, sweet pepperbush and common alder are supported.

Park Acreage:

252.00 acres


Mt. Olive Township

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April 28, 2014
Vista Point?
I've tried to find the unmarked trail to the Vista Point that is shown on the Mt Olive Township trails map:  http://www.mtolivetwp.org/file/Map%205.%20Mt.Olive_Trails0809_BuddLake.pdf I have not found it.  There are tons of thorn bushes in their that make it not worth the effort.  I may try to go back with some clippers.  If anyone knows where the trail is, let me know.
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