Sugarloaf Hill from Route 9D

Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve

Northwest-facing view from the Sugarloaf Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin Northwest-facing view from the Sugarloaf Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This hike climbs Sugarloaf Hill, passing several viewpoints over the Hudson River along the way.

41.369793, -73.945341

This out-and-back hike climbs about 600 vertical feet to the top of Sugarloaf Hill, which overlooks the Hudson River. The name of this hill is derived from the cone shape in which sugar was customarily sold during the Colonial period. It is thought to have been named by the Dutch for its resemblance to a sugarloaf when viewed from the south along the river. (There are over 450 mountains or...

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December 25, 2018
Christmas 2018
This was a perfect Christmas Day hike. Just the right distance, challenge, and ease of trail follow for a late start (11 a.m.) and back to the car (1 a.m.) Beautiful views, of course, this is NY state. Most memorable for me is the intensity of the devastation described in the May 2018 storm. I left ashes at the summit and at the stream rock crossing. These were two points at which memories were strong. Then on to my sister's house where her 7 year old daughter, Bella, told me wants to hike with me. I find that longer strides and gluteal contraction are knee saving practicing. Also, on the descent, a zigzag walk will give the knees a break (metaphorically, of course) Merry Christmas to all.
Sheila F.
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