Stockbridge Mountain/Nawahunta Fire Road Loop from...

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

Entrance to the Lewis Mine - Photo by Daniel Chazin Entrance to the Lewis Mine - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike passes remains of an old settlement and a shaft of an iron mine and climbs to the Stockbridge Shelter atop Stockbridge Mountain.

41.295607, -74.05961

From the parking area, proceed west (parallel to Seven Lakes Drive) on a woods road that goes through a picnic area, following the yellow blazes of the Menomine Trail. Just beyond a cable barrier, the trail turns right, climbs a slope, crosses a paved road (the entrance road to an abandoned parking area for the former Silvermine Ski Area) and enters a pine grove. On the right is a stone...

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September 22, 2022
Great hike.
June 10, 2019
We got a bit mixed up
We took the wrong 'fork' and cut across the loop on a woods trail that was unmarked which took us to 7 lakes drive which we knew was wrong. We decided to backtrack and then came upon the Appalachian trail so we figured we'd take that and reconnect our original trip. We screwed up again when we got to the shelter when my kids saw a yell trail marker we took that for about a mile. When we hit the yellow trail head marker and the red cross on white marker I knew we had screwed up. Looking at the map we realized we went the completely wrong way on that part of the yellow trail and headed back to the shelter. We went past the shelter and a little ways down we saw another yellow marker so we followed it back to the lake. So our 5 mile hike with the kids turned into 7 miles but thank god it was a nice day. Maybe it's me but I just wish at various points there would be more descriptive trail markings because in the woods it's pretty easy to get turned around. Overall the hike was very nice, trail well maintained. A few wet spots - understandable considering how wet it's been - but you are pretty much in the canopy of the forest the entire time so if you are looking for scenic overlooks this hike isn't it. I would do this hike again but watch that FORK! lol
May 09, 2019
So beautiful but would have been nice to know...
Absolutely beautiful hike! It would have been nice to know that was a little scramble at the fireplace/cave. If we had brought certain friends with us there is no way they would have been able to climb.
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