Point Mountain Loop from Point Mountain Road

Point Mountain Reservation

View from Point Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin View from Point Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike climbs to the summit of Point Mountain, follows mowed paths along cultivated fields, and parallels the scenic Musconetcong River.

40.766799, -74.911299

From the kiosk near the entrance to the parking area, head uphill on the blue-blazed Riverwalk Trail, which follows a rocky footpath. In 250 feet, the blue-blazed trail turns left, but you should proceed ahead on the orange-blazed Ridge Trail, which continues to climb. After the trail makes a sharp right turn, the grade steepens. It briefly moderates, but after bearing left, with a home below...

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May 16, 2017
Point Mountain loop hike
I like this hike. It is an easy hike for the most part with only the initial vertical climb up the ridge. Once you are at the top its an easy walk. The hike is also kid friendly but parents should be mindful only because there is a lot of poison ivy on the trail (not directly on the path itself but on either side). Also, in some spots the Orange trail can be marked better (some markings that are painted on trees are faded). There were still a few wet/muddy area (I hiked on a Tuesday and we had rain here on Saturday/Sunday) but otherwise a dry, easy to follow trail. One thing I was disgusted by (definitely not the park departments fault) was the litter and graffiti present at the top of the ridge where the scenic overlook is. Some of the graffiti was pretty bad foul language (read: 'F' word) so I hope they can remove it all but trashy people will be trashy people.
March 13, 2011
This hike has it all!
<p>This hike starts out with a steep climb, reaches the top of the hill with some impressive views of the valley below and interesting rock formations and then gently brings you through tranquil woods, a farm and along a rushing stream popular with fishermen. &nbsp;It is a very refreshing hike, especially when you soak your tired feet in the cold, clear Musconetcong River! &nbsp;I'd like to bring a canoe or kayak and paddle from the Point Mountain Road bridge to Route 31 someday.</p>
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