Peekamoose and Table Mountains from Peekamoose Road

Catskill Park

Peekamoose and Table Mountains - Catskill Park - Photo: Daniel Chazin Peekamoose and Table Mountains - Catskill Park - Photo: Daniel Chazin
41.915164, -74.42908

The Peekamoose-Table Trail, blazed with blue round discs, starts by the Peekamoose Mountain Parking sign at the western end of the parking lot.  Although the Long Path follows along this trail there are no Long Path blazes throughout this section. Be sure to bring along a pair of water shoes and a towel but leave those in your car for later.

The trail immediately starts to ascend on a...

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September 26, 2016
Peekamoose / Table / Blue Hole
<p>Enjoyed this hike yesterday, 8.5-9 miles from the parking area near Blue Hole to the Table summit and back. It pays to read the above description carefully, we missed the view at Table and nearly missed it at Peekamoose as well (definitely worth taking the extra time to find it though). A good rule of thumb on this trail is to take the time to explore any and all of the short unmarked trails that you come across on the right side of the path leading up to the Peekamoose, as there several other enjoyable views along the way. Table is a very easy add-on after Peekamoose if your doing the 35. Took a early fall dip in the creek after, which was nice becuase there was no one else there so had it to ourselves but it was COLD!!!</p>
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