Old Minnewaska Trail and Undivided Lot Trail

Mohonk Preserve

View of the Devil's Path mountains in the eastern Catskills from the Undivided Lot Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin View of the Devil's Path mountains in the eastern Catskills from the Undivided Lot Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin View of the Catskills from the Old Minnewaska Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin View of the Catskills from the Old Minnewaska Trail - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike follows trails and carriage roads through less-used areas of the Preserve, as well as the popular Undercliff Road, passing many interesting rock formations and scenic viewpoints.

41.744644, -74.197265

From the parking area, cross the road and walk past a gate. Continue ahead along a gravel road, passing ruins of the Enderly barn on the right and their home on the left, and cross a wide wooden bridge over the Coxing Kill.

Just beyond the stream crossing, a yellow-blazed trail leads to the left, and then the red-blazed Shongum Path departs to the right. Continue ahead on the gravel...

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November 18, 2018
Great Hike - even in the snow
I did a slightly different version of the hike today - only 6 miles in about 4 hrs. I did not take the Undivided to Clove Path section. I also had to start from the West Trapps Trailhead - the Coxing Trailhead parking lot was not open. The lower part of the Old Minnewaska trail was very wet from all of the rain and snow over the past few weeks. I also cam across a number of bear tracks, so just be on the look out. Great hike and thanks for the instructions.
July 28, 2017
Great Hike, EXCELLENT Directions
This hike took us 3.75 hours with a number of stops, one for lunch. We clocked it as 8.8 miles on Map My Run. The directions are very well written and made it seamless. Recently on another hike at Mohonk we found the Mohonk Preserve Map had a number of new trails not shown and the a few trail-name oddities. They don't plan on updating the map for a while until some new land is purchased and developed. Daniel Chazin's directions made it very easy. I appreciate his attention to detail. We saw almost no one on the most of the trip (mid season weekday) until we got into the more used rock-climbing area. A few notes. The trail begins at the Coxing Kill parking lot. This lot is heavely used during busy times as it is the closest to Split Rock (a nice place to take a dip at the end of the hike). Also they built a new bridge over 44/55 which just reopened recently. The directions should now read something like, "just before reaching the Trapps Bridge over Route 44/55, turn right on a gravel road that decends down just to the right of the bridge. " At this time, probably because it just opened and there was a lot of construction, there was no sign that indicated the "West Trapps Connector Trail." Even so, because we knew the bridge area had just been redone and because the directions were so good we had no trouble finding it. Kudos to the writer of these excellent directions.
August 14, 2015
Great hike!
<p>&nbsp; &nbsp;I've always loved Minnewaska S.P. and Mohonk Preserve. I biked many miles on all those carriage roads quite a few years ago but &nbsp;I'm partial to hiking there now.</p> <p><span style="font-size: 12.1599998474121px;">&nbsp; &nbsp;I arrived at the parking area around 8 AM unintentionally skirting the day use fee as there was no attendant on duty at the time. The trails here are great. They are mostly old carriage trails and roads and hence fairly wide and level with few rocks. This hike had mostly gentle inclines with one minor rock scramble....( I intentionally passed &nbsp;the Clove Path route, continuing on the Undivided Lot Trail then took the Stokes Trail to Maple Path back to Laurel Ledge Road .) It was such a great day and I had plenty of water so I extended the trip a bit ! </span></p> <p><span style="font-size: 12.1599998474121px;">&nbsp; I didn't run into anyone until the Stokes Trail then there were some bikers, hikers and rock climbers all along the return trip. Can't wait until all the restoration project on the Castle Point Carriage Road is complete so I can do the Gertrudes Nose Hike!!</span></p> <p><span style="font-size: 12.1599998474121px;"><br></span></p>
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