Cupsaw Mountain Loop from Shepherd Lake

Ringwood State Park

Footbridge over Cupsaw Brook - Photo by Daniel Chazin Footbridge over Cupsaw Brook - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This lollipop-loop hike parallels Cupsaw Brook, passing an attractive cascade, and climbs to a shelter on the ridge of Cupsaw Mountain.

41.136617, -74.232903

To start the hike, walk back towards the entrance booth but turn right, just before reaching the booth, at a small parking area for "Official Vehicles Only." Just ahead, you'll pass a sign that marks the start of the Ringwood-Ramapo Trail, marked with red-on-white metal blazes (and occasional solid red blazes on brown plastic wands).

The trail enters the woods on a wide woods road,...

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June 10, 2012
red trail obscured by blowdown
<p>I just hiked this trail today and there is a significant blowdown when trying to follow the red trail up Cupsaw Mountain.&nbsp; The trail markers seem to have all blown down and there is no longer a distinct trail up the mountain.&nbsp; I hiked up to the large gneiss outcrop at the top and followed its ridgeline&nbsp;until it crossed the red trail and I continued the rest of the hike with no problem.&nbsp; Bottom-Line: be prepared to do some bushwhacking up Cupsaw Mountain until the trail is cleared and new trail markers are posted.</p>
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