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  • PATCO rapid transit trains between New Jersey and Philadelphia
  • SEPTA service in southeastern Pennsylvania
  • Amtrak to Boston, Washington, and other cities nationwide
  • Adirondack/Pine Hill/New York Trailways offers extensive service in the Catskills and other areas west of the Hudson.

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Just a short note trailways  has changed there route from Kingston to Poughkeepsie & Newburgh.   Trailways does not go from Poughkeepsie to Newburgh any more.   Trailways goes from Kingston to Poughkeepsie and back on 9W.   Trailways goes from Kingston to New Paltz then to Newburgh. This is as of 06/20/2012's picture

I hard a rumor that Trailways 'may" changing the Kinston to Pouheepsie route again in the Fall 2012?   Have you heard any thing?'s picture

Trailways does not go Poughkeepsie, NY any more. If you need got from Poughkeepsie to Highland or New Paltz you need to take a UCAT Bus. The bus departs from Metro station in Poughkeepsie.