Why Conservation

We advance the Trail Conference's mission by acquiring fee simple properties and easements needed to improve, preserve and extend the Trail Conference's trail networks. The primary focus is on the preservation and expansion of our long-distance trail corridors. Annually we prepare a conservation plan in alignment with overall strategic plan and policies. We cultivate relationships with other non-profit entities, governmental agencies and with landowners (collectively "stakeholders"), to explore and develop opportunities for acquisition of lands, easement rights, license and right-of-way agreements or consents deemed important for the improvement of the Trail Conference's trail network.

Conservation Programs And Initiatives

The primary way to conserve lands is by acquiring properties along trail corridors to expand open space available for developing new trails. Our goal is to transfer ownership of properties we acquire to other entities such as the State, rather than retain ownership. To this end a revolving fund is available.

The Trail Conference conservation program is managed by the Conservation Committee, made up of volunteers and members of our staff. Among other things, the Conservation Committee has been involved in the acquistion of properties that have led to the formation of several State Forests along the Shawangunk Ridge.

Get InvolvedShawangunks Rock Outcrops

The Conservation Committee members bring a broad range of experience including a passion to preserve and extend our network of trails. Committee members prepare and maintain an inventory of properties of interest and work on various real estate issues to complete the acquistion and transfer of properties. The committee meets every two months. Please Contact Us